A truly soul-healing, soul-filling & soul-connecting retreat!

A truly soul-healing, soul-filling & soul-connecting retreat!A truly soul-healing, soul-filling & soul-connecting retreat!

A truly soul-healing, soul-filling & soul-connecting retreat!

A truly soul-healing, soul-filling & soul-connecting retreat!A truly soul-healing, soul-filling & soul-connecting retreat!

SAVE 30% TODAY on your SoulTreat Ticket!


SAVE 30% TODAY on your SoulTreat Ticket!

What is soultreat?

Release + reset

Are you ready to release what holds you back, what limits you and the beliefs that weigh you down?

Are you ready to connect to your whole self and finally live the life you’re meant to?

SoulTreat wellness retreat is calling you!

say yes to you

Join our Wellness Universe World-Changers for a powerful experience of workshops and talks geared towards releasing, resetting and reigniting that powerful soul of yours.

Get connected to your tribe during activities and our SoulTreat Fair.

Be fully immersed in experiences of total wellness of mind, body and spirit. Be up close and personal with powerful healers, coaches, teachers and thought leaders who have created a space for you to show up as YOU. Safe, inclusive and fun!

join us

Don’t wait another moment longer. That restlessness within is simply your calling to go deeper and come out stronger! 


A truly soul-healing, soul-filling and soul-connecting retreat and experience.


October 22-24/25,  2020 


The Art of Living Retreat Center

639 Whispering Hills Rd. 

Boone, NC 28607 


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The Art of Living Retreat Center Has more than SoulTreAT

With so much to do, be sure to consider additional nights to add onto your stay. Staying a week or more is not uncommon and will change your life.

About SoulTreat

The Event

SoulTreat is a wellness retreat dedicated to YOU! Join us for healing, transformation and fun! All designed to release what limits you and reset your soul!

Self-care and love is ongoing and we are here to support you along your journey to being your greatest and best you.

The power of letting go creates space for miracles. At SoulTreat, through letting go, you will discover your true power, joy and freedom. Our Wellness Universe World-Changers guide you on a journey to emotional well-being. Imagine nourishing your spirit, making soulful connections, and finding your true you all set in beautiful and healing Boone, NC.

The best SoulTreat of your life!

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Get your VIP Pass when you book your registration

A chance for you to partake one-on-one in different experiential offerings from our WU World-Changers such as Reiki sessions, readings, healings, mini coaching sessions, and more!

only 40 vip UPGRADES available


The SoulTreat VIP Pass Includes:

  • SoulTreat Fair One-on-One sessions with practitioners 
  • Exclusive SoulTreat VIP Gift
  • Early access to online workshop registration
  • Front row seating
  • Additional exclusive benefits and surprises

VIP Pass is optional and available upon registration.


Upgrade your SoulTreat Experience to VIP while space is available! These will go fast with this special offer so be sure to jump on this ASAP! Treat yourself to this amazing, uplifting and well-deserved SoulTreat before spots sell out.

What They Said


next level collaborations, conversations

“As this year (and decade!) rapidly comes to a close, I am so grateful for the gift and time spent getting back to nature, meditation, yoga and getting grounded last weekend in Sedona, AZ with SoulTreat. Being in a positive mental headspace is so essential to stay in the game of life! Refreshed and well-rested, this week I have had the chance to SHIFT and make so many amazing connections, developing next level collaborations, conversations and so much more. I am so excited to strategize and prepare for the next decade! Stay motivated and keep pressing forward because you've got this! Everything you need to succeed is already in you.”

~Landi Spearman


Yes to SouTreat, and a YES to me!

“Today I travel home after an incredible experience in Sedona for SoulTreat . I'm so happy I said YES (finally!!) to this. Everyone I connected with no matter how briefly, have a special place in my heart. Thank you thank you thank you to Anna, Shari, Tamara, Ashley, Jenny and all team WU for an event that no words can describe properly.”

~Moira Hutchison


My Cup is Overflowing!

"I want to thank The Wellness Universe, Anna Pereira & Shari Alyse for creating a retreat for healers to share not only their work but also a space to fill their cup. The connections I made this weekend will be life-long, the lessons I learned will never be forgotten and purpose that I have found in my work will be honored. My cup is over flowing!”

~Andrea Raimondo Warren


My expectations were surpassed!

"What I loved most, even beyond being in beautiful Sedona for the first time, was the extraordinary community that gathered for a weekend filled with love, learning, fun, and growth. You walk away with so many new friends and connections that support you in all areas of life, including business development and growth. I loved the workshops and that last day when we came together was really special focusing on business growth and development. It's so unique to have all that SoulTreat offers in one retreat! ”

~Laurie Levin


This has been absolutely amazing!

“Emily Kane and I enjoyed the WU SoulTreat retreat here in Sedona Arizona this past week. We attended some amazing trainings on how to learn to love ourselves better… How to really get in touch with who we are individually. We’ve had some very powerful, interesting, exciting, and life-changing information and connectio

We also enjoyed experiencing the town. We did the Himalayan salt spa, an awesome jeep tour, I worked out, we ate some really great food, and we ended our last full day here with great massages. Thank you Emily! Thank you Shari Alyse! You and Anna are awesome! I will see you in North Carolina next year!”

~Tracy Allen


Until we meet again at SoulTreat 2020!

This will deepen wonderful friendships as well as create new business relationships.
It is very difficult for me to say goodbye - and I thank each one of you for the blessing time we spent together. I will come back again in 2020 and I am already looking forward to it today! Much love!” 

~ Ingrid Auer


I need to give recognition to listening and acting on promptings

"Sometimes, I know that we may feel burdened by “life”, but I know for certain that our Divine greatness surpasses all the stuff that happens. We already have what it takes!! One thing that has helped me is a gift I’ve been given. And you have it too!! Over the past several weeks, I have been listening more intently to the Still Small Voice. Some people call it intuition. Well, I listened and I acted.....and I found myself at SoulTreat in Sedona! 

I am shocked at the unity of our group of World Changers. Truly! The power derived from our combined love for humanity was tangible. We are making a difference. And we are together in our fight for GOODNESS and LOVE and PEACE. I personally thank each of you in attendance.
I appreciate your love and patience with me and I hope to spread more love to the world with our combined efforts. I am honored to know you!

If you are interested in providing peace and love to the world using unique, thoughtful mediums, I encourage you to lock arms with us."

~Lynanne Cottle


It filled my heart & soul!

“Visiting Sedona and being part of WU SoulTreat has been life changing & empowering -- it filled my heart and soul!! Being in the presence of and making friends with so many, deeply passionate souls who are tirelessly engaged in changing lives, changing the World, helping others live healthier, more fully and self-aware, is an experience I wouldn't have want to miss for anything!! Thank you for your friendship, love and support!”

~Scarlet Strapko


Frolicking in my Goody bag!

“I would like to THANK every single one of you for your energy making this event so wondrous!  Thank you for all the quality goody bag stuff too!! How many times have you gone to an event and the goody bag has like ... a couple business cards and a pen, and maybe a squishy house or something. LMAO right?   Everything in the goody bag is quality stuff that I am SO excited about!!   I have shopped from some of you already and appreciate the talents you each bring to the collective.”

~Suzanne Suchanne


There are no adequate words ...

“... to describe the amazing take-aways Richard and I got from SoulTreat.  It was eye and heart opening for both of us (and our "little girl and boy")  Majorly powerful ah-has that have us still speaking about it, which will probably never stop as we keep growing in this life.  THANK YOU EVERYONE who attended and all of you who  made SoulTreat happen.   The connections in person are so powerful and we both plan to keep these feelings going and growing our lives with our hearts leading the way.  Also want to thank whoever thought up the "pass the envelope" idea.  I've networked for years and this is one of the simple and powerful exercises that make things really happen! Thank you for that - and for all that you do everyday in your hearts and souls.  We are grateful. Xoxo”

~Ricki McKenna


I felt the soultreat effect

“What you have created has literally been the wind beneath my wings. SoulTreat is not just a retreat, it is a feeling that you can't help but carry with you wherever you go. What a gift it was supporting and being surrounded by all these beautiful souls changing the world. I can't wait to soar to the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2020 for more of that SoulTreat effect!!”

~Jenny Tasker 


From Australia to Sedona

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Wellness Universe World Changers community for this most amazing event. I loved meeting as many of you as I could and the opportunity to share my work with all of you last weekend. Looking forward to doing this again.”

~Maya Boston

Meet the heart behind Soultreat

Founder of The Wellness Universe

Founder of The Wellness Universe

Founder of The Wellness Universe


Founder of The Wellness Universe

Founder of The Wellness Universe

Anna Pereira and our SoulTreat Team are delighted to create SoulTreat for you!

Anna Pereira has dedicated her life to creating powerful, lasting, positive change for the world. She believed a new space was needed online to connect to vetted support for total well-being. The Wellness Universe was created! A destination and resource for heart-centered healers, inspirational leaders, guides and health and wellness practitioners. 

With over 3500 wellness practitioners, thought leaders, world-changers and healers, The Wellness Universe is a community of people making the world a better place. Known as WU World-Changers, they are your resource for a happier, healthier, whole you.  

Be uplifted, transformed and supported by heart-centered powerhouses of self-care, self-love, inspiration, holistic health, energy healing, personal and professional growth. Come experience the SoulTreat Effect with us.  

"SoulTreat is a magical experience that lives on way beyond the event. We believe connecting to REAL people who support total wellness in an event like this is how sustainable wellness takes place. WU World-Changers are here to support health, happiness and total wellness through genuine, in person connection, guidance and experiences. We look forward to seeing you at SoulTreat!" Anna 

What is soultreat? get more info on SOulTreat 2020

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