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Dolores Fazzino

dolores fazzino

Moving Beyond Surviving to Thriving

Do you feel at times that you just do not fit in?  Or maybe you have been struggling and are sick and tired of it all. Learn tools and techniques to move beyond surviving to thriving and begin your manual to create and thrive in your life.

Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips

Exploring the Path Yet Traveled

The uncertainty of what lies ahead is the great mystery and opportunity we are here to explore and experience as we navigate the labyrinth of untruths on our “souljourn” to the Truth. We will explore what this looks like and how to write the most compelling final chapters of your life and live in full expression of your truth.

Manuela Rohr

Manuela Rohr

Witness Without Judgement

Experience a powerful mindfulness-based Yoga workshop to connect to your inner wisdom. Using Yoga as a vehicle for deepening awareness we can release old patterns of resistance and invite freedom of flow into our lives.

Harry Sherwood

Harry Sherwood

The Simplicity of The Spiritual Path 

Learn why the spiritual path is not complicated and how to utilize the simplest technique to experience your true nature.You will learn how to releasing yourself from limiting beliefs that keep you chasing your tail on the spiritual path and now to stop resisting life and to let in the Great Perfection.

Melanie Ann McDaniel

Melanie Ann Mcdaniel

Equipping Yourself for Spiritual Highs and Lows

Along our journey we experience spiritual highs and lows. What inspires us during a peak can be quickly derailed by what keeps us down during a low. You will learn new techniques, action steps, healing, perspective, and a new way to help yourself and others to bounce forward from any situation.

Katy Bray

Katy Bray

Energy Architecture

You know that you are a mind, body and a spirit but do you know how your spirit energy moves through your body and into your life? Please join Katy Bray as she takes you on an inner discovery to explore where your energy leaks are and how they slow down your manifestation process.

Raelin Saindon

Raelin Saindon

Transformational Work of Accessing, Exploring, & Soothing Your Inner Child-Self 

Using curiosity, observation and conversation in this workshop, we will be accessing The Child Self within each of us. Bearing compassionate & honest witness to our Child-Self wounds and stories, we can begin the healing process of release and self-reconciliation. 

David McLeod

David mcleod

How to be Totally Awesome, Moment by Moment 

In this uplifting and inspirational workshop, you will learn a powerful and indispensable 4-step process that will empower you to reclaim, embrace, express, and experience the true essence of who you really are, while supercharging your own ongoing spiritual evolution. Come for the eye-opening training, stay for the authentic inspiration, and leave with an unstoppable desire to soar! 

Rosemary Levesque

rosemary levesque

Release - Healing Ancestral and Karmic Signatures

Uncover hidden secrets in your etheric field, ancestral lineage, and physical form that may be holding your life hostage. Then use a variety of vibrational healing tools to set them free.

Suzanne Suchan

suzanne suchan

Meet Your Chakras, Touch Your Soul, and Step Into Your Power!

Join the “Pied Piper of Positive” on an enlightening, interactive and sentimental journey going deep within your own chakra centers, where you’ll lovingly connect with your higher self, and receive a message how to take ownership of your unclaimed power; after which we will all connect our hearts and receive a group healing.

Gila Nehemia

gila nehemia yoga

Releasing and Healing Trapped Emotions through Writing and Yoga

Allow yourself to be guided in a sacred container to heal trapped emotions through writing, yogic singing, orgasmic breathing, and physical asanas. Participate in ancient techniques that begin to release generational pain and align your chakras to your deepest desires.  

Monica Brown

Monica Brown

Soul Clarity

Be guided on a soul journey and discover what true desire for your life your Soul is asking you to focus on and nurture NOW to propel you towards your most fulfilling life. You will then use this information to create a blueprint for that desire so that you can confidently follow your Soul's guidance.

Denise Povernick

Denise Povernick

Embrace Your Madness - Roadmap to Invincibility

In this workshop you will learn how to recognize how the Conscious & Subconscious Minds work & speak separately, how to unify them to work in harmony as a team so you can optimize amazing creative breakthroughs on your Pathway to Invincibility.

Danielle Marggraf

Danielle Marggraf

Sacred SOULutions To Life After Trauma

Do you feel disconnected from yourself? Discover, uncover and step into powerful self care rituals and practices that will support your ability to reignite trust in yourself, your body and your life.  The connection within ourselves allows us to create a space of trust, authenticity and compassion for others without the codependent habits, generational wounds and outdated beliefs that may be blocking and keeping you stuck in an old system.

Carrie Doubts

Carrie Doubts

Transformational Conversations with Grief

Loss and Grief are part of life, yet, how many of us understand how to support ourselves and others who are grieving? In this safe space, you'll learn powerful tools for meeting "negative" emotions like sadness, anger, and fear (in yourself and others) with compassion and love. Experience your heart expanding to hold a transformational conversation with grief.

Maya Boston

Maya Boston

Reset Your Body with Living Sound!

In this powerful workshop you will experience a Gong Sound Bath with Light Language activations that will raise your vibration to a whole new level! Step into the best version of yourself, leave feeling clear, refreshed and balanced and gain an understanding of how sound works with the human body. Take away valuable tools that nurture and empower you on your path to living a fulfilling life.

Tarriss Saurer

Tarriss Saurer

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